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Wenzhou Jinma line was founded in 2003 Garment Co., Ltd.

Line Clothing Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Jinma Lucheng District, Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province, the company was founded in 2003, after 10 years of hard work, painstaking operation, has now become a medium-sized garment manufacturers, the company leading the production of high-quality casual pants, trousers, jeans and so on. At present, the total number of companies with more than 200 people, with an annual total of 300,000, and with many well-known luxury brands in the domestic and international cooperation. 2013, Kinmen and Matsu OK Garment Co., Ltd. was awarded by the Wenzhou Clothing Chamber of Commerce awarded the Wenzhou (global) manufacturing of high-end men's gold medal. Since the founding date, the company has been excellent quality, novel style and good reputation much industry colleagues for their support and love.
Company attaches great importance to development of new products, the latest market information collection, grasp the market, finishing in the analysis into their own wisdom, every year dozens of new models launched on the market, contribute to industry colleagues, to ensure competitive product market trends, Jinma line determined based on the existing strengths to optimize integration of resources, to "quality first, customer first" for business purposes enthusiasm for our clients on service.
Companies to adopt a series of management measures, in order to enhance employee benefits, the company developed a perfect attendance awards, performance awards, and dormitories with single, between husband and wife, six worlds, and has air conditioning, wardrobe, free mosquito nets
Company to meet the needs of the apparel market, the pursuit of excellence, has introduced a complete set of advanced facilities and equipment, in the "heat of the pursuit, creating perfect" the belief that we are constantly exploring and development.

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