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Won Wenzhou (global) manufacturing of high-end men's gold medal

January 18, "Wenzhou Clothing Chamber of Commerce sixth three times ignored cum Wenzhou (global) high-end men's awards ceremony," Tomson Riviera in Wenzhou International Banquet Center, 22 distinctive award-winning brand leader in the field, Wenzhou clothing is played "high-end menswear look Wenzhou" slogan, Wenzhou Clothing Chamber of Commerce official said that 22 men enterprises in Wenzhou leader in the field of high-end men, have their own characteristics, but also in Wenzhou "to create high-end men's brands "the typical representatives. These companies together with clothing Chamber of Commerce to promote the Wenzhou high-end menswear industry, let Wenzhou high-end menswear next level.
     At the ceremony site, guests of honor full-time vice president of China National Garment Association, Feng Dehu, Dean Cai Hong Kong fashion design talent, "said the high-end men's watch in Wenzhou," Wenzhou what means to the country, all over the world to see? The award-winning This 22 enterprises, Wenzhou is to the nation, show the world sample, Wenzhou garment industry for 30 years accumulation of achievements, Wenzhou Clothing Chamber of Commerce in this new period of transition, this banner aloft, just goes to show the transformation of the future direction of Wenzhou clothing. This flag will continue to lead Wenzhou men in high-end design, fine production, management and other aspects so refined, so transparent, high-end menswear manufacturers continue to walk in the country and the world menswear industry forefront.

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